Thursday, February 11, 2010


that's how we're all feeling around here. Wet wet rain and hotness together at once. I've been involved in more conversations about the weather in the past two weeks than I care to mention. I am not someone who relishes small talk about such things as the weather. I'd rather be talking about something interesting like shoes instead. I also don't relish humidity. I have begun to seriously consider becoming a "winter-chaser". You know those people who travel around, following the summer. Well, I'd like to do the same, only with the winter. Winter and spring, all year round, then I'd be happy. I could wear tights and boots and cardigans all the time and would never have to wear another singlet as outer wear again.of course, other members of my family don't share my enthusiasm for travelling the world seeking cool climes, and there's also the small matter of money (or lack of) preventing me from pursuing such dreams at this stage, so here we'll stay. And the sun, when it peaks out from it's hiding place, is good for drying us out and reminding us how great it is to live somewhere where it shines often. Just leave out a bit of the moisture next time, please.
new stuff in the shop today!


Melody said...

I love that spider web! So pretty... but yep, drippy. :)

Levin said...

we really haven't had that much rain - but we've had the humid and i hate it.
i love the spiderweb though - there is something magical about seeing the rain drops on it. nature can be awe inspiring can't it.
i love your bunting. i need to make some - i made it for louis birthday, but out of paper and as a result it's no good now :(
but the good news is that i have a huge fabric stash so i can definitely make some :) (when i find the time, as i am back to studying and being overwhelmed again).

Anonymous said...

That spider web is soooo beautiful :)