Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the weekender

we're off on a small adventure for a few days, visiting the little town where I grew up and introducing jasper to the beauty of the south coast for the first time. So happy to be doing this at last. Of course, a new bag was needed for such an exciting journey...and I think I may have come up with my most favourite bag design yet. Well, I shouldn't speak too soon, I haven't actually used it yet, but it's looking pretty good so far. when thinking about what kind of bag would be most useful for a mamma like myself, who finds herself carrying all manner of things including food, drinks, spare clothes, a hat or three, a good book (thankyou, sweet helen), maybe a magazine, a couple of cameras, a spare pair of shoes (you never know when you might need to change out of your thongs and into your mary janes), some pawpaw cream, a phone somewhere in there and maybe a bit of cash on a good day...well, the answer was simple, one of those green bags from the supermarket. How many times have I turned up with one of those because it was simply the only thing that would fit everything we needed. Not very stylish though, not really going very well with my shoes.
so , I decided to make a bag that was about the same size, only with way more personality and lots of pockets, so that I can carry lots more little stuff. I happened to have the most wonderful piece of teal coloured corduroy in my stash from last year (why do they keep changing the colours every year?), which I used for the main body, with bits of an old tablecloth for the side panels and pocket. Oh, and the lining, that's the kicker. My local baker has been giving me the calico bags that the breadcrumbs come in (he was just throwing them out before I happened to ask about them), which I have washed and ironed, and which have made the most perfectly wonderful bag lining. I think I'll do some more stuff with these as well, I do love the way the print looks on the fabric.
I'm already in love with this bag, and I think some might make their way into the shop very soon, if all goes well with this one. I'm off now to finish packing and try to get two very excited boys into bed (one's already gone, thank goodness). See you next week!


sean the prawn said...

Loving that bag! How cool is the lining. I'm poking forward to seeing more of them in your shop. I'm forever the family's pack horse as well.
Have a great mini break.
Leah B.

sean the prawn said...

I did mean to say looking forward ( not poking forward- sounds a bit rude) oops

Levin said...

enjoy your holiday and your bag. i find my bags are never really big enough - but yours looks like a great size.
these days i find myself carrying all sorts of things for the boys - including their wallets, which funnily enough, contain way more cash than mine. do you think i should start charging a holding fee?

Rachel Cotterill said...

That's so cute, I love it :)

katiecrackernuts said...

How did it go? Looks like it would do everything you'd designed it for. Looks great too, much better than a green bag.