Saturday, January 23, 2010


did I ever mention that when it comes to christmas presents, my husband rocks?butterfly plate from lightly, and jasper the owl from herbert and friends. Sweet new friends to wake up to each morning.
I'll definitely try to think of something more relevant to talk about soon. Well, maybe when school goes back, and I am allowed to think about something other than lego, cars and snacks.


Levin said...

you are very lucky - i love the butterfly - it's just gorgeous.
i've loved the holidays - spending time relaxing with the kids, but i'm ready for them to go back to school now. i need to get some order in this chaotic house. i need to find things, sort things and put away things and i need to have a little quiet time to just sit and think.
not long now....

jodi said...

there's a new vinnies opposite gosford station - amazing linens and fabrics. I was there yesterday but didn't have enough cash to buy for you. Get yourself there first thing'll be in fabric heaven. x

sean-the-prawn said...

I love that butterfly plate, it is so spunky.Nice little gift that one!
Leah B

Neko-chan said...

Yes, I know how you feel about the weather, only quite the opposite here! seems like winter will never leave us here =)