Sunday, December 9, 2007

the dog that thought she was a baby

i had a feeling this might happen, if I left it sitting there long enough. Don't worry, this is not the capsule that the baby will be travelling in, but the broken one that mr. arran scored off a chuck-out, which we salvaged the (very clean) lambswool liner from. I'll let sally have her little moment until this one goes on our own chuck-out...and then maybe I'd better introduce her to a more dog-friendly bed, although she'll still probably prefer the table or one of the chairs which she has also claimed as her own.This morning I had the good sense to drag the family out of the house before they had a chance to embark on any other pursuits, and go to this lovely spot near where we live. I had actually planned to walk to a little beach just around the point from here, but the tide was high, and my legs don't really feel like walking at the moment anyway, so we settled into the creek instead. The boys set about some serious dam building, in between tidal surges which sent willow scampering for that large rock he is eyeing off below.
Fin endured the flood and continued to work tirelessly on his construction, reminding both arran and I of similar experiences as kids. I can remember spending hours trying to construct a "swimming-hole" single-handedly on our very hot property in northern nsw, only to have it come crashing down in the next downpour that we had. Still, there was always that flicker of hope that I could actually make it work, and I would go back again and again and try, and I love that he is displaying these same characteristics of determination. It shows when he is doing one of his 1000 piece jigsaws too. Willow, on the other hand, is happy to drift around, obeying the odd order from his brother for "more wood", and collecting shells on his own. It's funny how different they are, and yet how close they are, and how completely I love them both. I can't wait to meet the next little personality, who will join us in about 4 weeks time! (that's if he/she waits that long)
p.s I guess there were no takers on the w stocking...I thought it was a bit of a long shot. Next time I'll try not to make it so limited!


Levin (and Emily) said...

what a perfect spot - i'm rather envious - it looks so beautiful. i had a creek that i spent summer holidays in so it brings back lovely memories for me too!

my boys have so many differences too - and yet they can be the best of friends. i think it's what i like best about having more than one child - seeing how different they are and how they grow.

i feel rather envious of you right now - i would love to hold another babe in my arms. but that feeling is fleeting and it's overtaken by the knowledge that our family is complete and more wouldn't be right for me.

our cat, georgie, slept in all the baby stuff - in fact when we had louis he ended up in our bed and georgie ended up in the bassinet. she was very sad when we packed it up and put it away!

goodluck over the next four weeks. i will be thinking of you and hoping that you don't go over as the wait is terrible (i was two weeks late with both boys). take care.


hannna said...

hei, thanks for your sweet words! the spot looks wonderful, and wearing teeshirts and shorts... especially from global warming damaged winter helsinki. i want proper seasons!