Wednesday, December 19, 2007

baby boom

i've finally completed these two slightly late baby gifts for friends who have both recently had baby girls (I'm getting a bit concerned that all the girl credits are being used up). I realise the one on the right looks a little more boy than girl, but I don't believe in pink for girls and blue for boys, and I know mum will love this fabric. These little packs contain a wrap made from a soft vintage cotton sheet , a muslin wrap with matching vintage border and of course, matching bunny. I came up with this idea when I bought an 8 pack of muslin wraps for my baby the other day, and it ocurred to me that we really didn't need 8, and that I had a couple of baby gifts to make. So, after deciding to jazz them up a bit, the rest just fell into place. I will probably have some of these in my etsy shop in the near future.
I'm now feeling very much like having this baby on the outside rather than the inside, the past two weeks have been particulalry uncomfortable and I'm feeling a bit "over it". Not that I don't love the fact that I am pregnant, and am not extremely grateful for having this wonderful thing going on inside me (I always feel very guilty if I complain about these things, because I know that some people don't have it so easy). It's just reached the point where everyday things that I usually take for granted have become difficult. I think you can see how "dull" I am feeling, by the expression! I have purposely avoided these kind of photos, because I cringe at how I look in them, but this will (maybe) be the last pregancy shot I post here, as I'm now 38 weeks, and as they keep saying, it could be any day now. I'm secretly planning to have the baby at the end of this week, and be home in time for christmas! Wouldn't that be nice?


Linda said...

I remember that feeling well too. At least you can still do crafting (cute). I use to lay around and watch the cricket all day coz I was so over it.

Levin (and Emily) said...

i loved being pregnant - i loved the feeling of something growing inside me. i loved feeling little fingers and toes moving around. i loved the fact that i was never alone. it's beautiful, magical, wonderful - but by about 37 weeks I too was over it and let me say that by 42 weeks i thought it was absolutely enough - I had absolutely no sense of humour left and all those people who came up to me and said 'haven't you had it yet' nearly lost their lives!
goodluck with your plan - i think a little pre-christmas baby would be lovely.

Michelle said...

Best wishes for a Safe & Happy Holiday and Delivery!! :)

Victoria said...

I was wondering if you'd had the baby. You look pretty good I think!

Levin (and Emily) said...

ps - you don't look dull, just ready to give birth!