Wednesday, November 3, 2010

scissors down

I've been busy, busy for the past few weeks. It's balmain art and craft show time again, and the craft has been a flowing out of my little shed. I must admit, if I had started earlier and maybe enlisted some help with child minding then I probably would have got a lot more done, but organised I am not, and child minders are light on the ground around here so five minutes here and there is all I've managed. I think I did pretty well under the circumstances. Some new designs this year, these little houses are my favourite.
new cushions as well, with some very fun appliqued designs...I seriously wanted to keep these for myself. Ric rac rocks. mr. elephant has had a makeover, now in a one-size-fits-all model. He's in-between the old ones.
bunnies found some new faces, much more fun this way. I do so love the bunnies.
and of course, some bags. Large enough for a couple of books or mags, but not too big for everyday use. A long strap for wearing across the chest, I find them much more comfy this way. Bunting too, but we all know what a pain in the backside bunting is to photograph.
You may notice a lot of denim in this lot. I've had two big rolls of it stacked in the shed for about three years, we picked it up off a chuck-out somewhere (??!!) and I've never really gotten around to using a lot of it as it's really rather rigid. It has proven perfect for these bags, and also the appliqued cushions, as it holds it's shape really well. It's my new thing, and now I'm hoping it doesn't run out too soon!
I'll be back soon, with more tales to tell about what we're up to right now.
ps. a big thankyou to my kind and oh so patient mister for taking these pics, and um, dropping off these things in balmain for me...even after I had a minor meltdown because I was "frazzled" (only pathetic word I could come up with under the circumstances) after all that sewing and toddler wrangling, he remained calm and did these things for me. He deserves a medal that man.


sean the prawn said...

Wow Emma it all looks really fantastic.. Love the remodeled bunnies & Efelants... Houses are awesome, as are the cushion & bag... All beautiful, love the denim idea.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh they are gorgeous makes, you have done really well.

lisette said...

Oh what a beautiful work!! Perfect!