Friday, November 12, 2010

everything old is new again

somewhere amongst the chaos of last week, I decided it was high time I updated my rather dated website. I was getting a bit tired of people saying "er, there's not a lot going on with your website", and me saying "yeah, I know, I have to do something about that" I did something. It's still not finished, but at least it's all shiny and new.
Some little friends found their way home from balmain, so they are gradually appearing in the shop. Just in time for christmas, me thinks.

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helen macnair said...

Very much liking your new web site...very fresh and summery!xxx Wish there were some of those gorgeous new cushion covers left over...the new denim ones. Guessing they were swiped up at Balmain. Which is great but I was hoping there might be some left...hmmm.....makin' any more? xxxx