Friday, December 18, 2009

finding loveliness

in these gorgeous lillies from my mum-in-law. Filling our home with their heady scent.

in sweet, wet rain after a hot, hot day and night. Making my garden this new-to-me picnic basket, FREE! at my local op shop yesterday. Hmm, could that hole in the lid be for a wine bottle? I feel a picnic coming on.
in new fabric, the fifties-inspired range (and some others) on sale at spotlight. Loving that.
Also loving school holidays, relaxing mornings, stealing five minutes to re-read an old favourite, and catching up with sweet friends. Have a lovely weekend!


katiecrackernuts said...

The basket looks like it should be attached to bike handles for a bike hike / picnic. Your garden, by the way, looks lovely.

helen macnair said...

Always love to read your news sweet pea xxx

Levin (and Emily) said...

that basket would look fabulous on my bike ;-)
i love the fabric, the flowers and the book looks good too. i'm always intrigued by what people are reading. i have been reading so much lately (well a lot for a mother of three) and i love it. as a result i am not sewing as much - i guess something has to give. the good thing is that i am sewing today - with emily - hopefully i will be able to blog about something soon.
x said...

Your garden looks so healthy & lush. Is that basil I can see in the back ground? yumo!
Leah B.

emma said...

rocket, parsley and an old rainbow beet on it's last legs. There's basil further along, but not in this pic. We're lucky enough to have a constant supply of crystal-clear bore water here, so everything is very lush and green!

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