Tuesday, December 8, 2009

back on the wagon

so, I fell off the wagon again. And I had such high hopes last month, too. Last month I was all ready to start blogging regularly again, and look what happened, another three weeks went by just like that. To tell the truth, lately I've been feeling a little encumbered with the everydayness of everyday life. Nothing serious, just a bit of "i'd like to go and live in tuscany (or maybe just northern nsw)", and stuff like that. You know, just a bit of suburban boredom. I haven't even had the enthusiasm to log into blogger, I just keep looking at it and think "oh, I can't be bothered". Sad, huh? But, here I am, I've logged in, and I'm actually writing, so that's a start. I can't guarantee anything too exciting though.
so...what's been happening? Well, a lot, actually. There was that market, which was a really great day. I caught up with some old friends and had a pretty relaxing time chatting and hanging out sans-children, which is always a strange but enjoyable thing to do for a few hours. I have now uploaded (some of) what was left into the shop. There is still some more to come, but once again, that takes some amount of enthusiasm. Taking photos of little corduroy skirts without a little girl to model them is quite a difficult task. And, it's just kind of freaky seeing them on a boy. Believe me, I've tried.
oh yeah, and we got chooks! About two weeks ago, two lovely isa browns came to live with us. They are called snowy and mymble. Willow named snowy for her speckly white markings, and I was allowed to name mymble, who is already living up to her name as being a bit of feisty one. I cannot tell you what a joy it is to have chooks. I have been pestering the mister for months to get some, and after a huge amount of research (if there's one thing that man is good at, it's researching stuff), he finally caved. Now of course, they are "his girls" and he claims it was his idea all along.
and the other thing I would like to take the time to mention right now, which I should have mentioned weeks ago, is that my dear friend gabby has started a blog! Gabby used to have the most gorgeous and wonderful little cafe and organic food emporium just around the corner from my house, and it's thanks to her that this whole hazyjane thing really got started. I walked into her cafe one day, in need of some caffeine and a friendly face, having been rejected from another local establishment when I approached them about maybe selling some of my book bags. They just didn't get it. But gabby did, and she offered to put them in her shop, which was frequented by just the right type of softie-loving, vintage fabric-appreciating clientele, and the rest is history. Happy blogging, gabby!
now I think that might just be enough for today. While I have been lacking in frequency lately, I seem to have made up for it here in quantity, and I fear I may start rambling any moment now. And you know how I like a good ramble. Of course, now that I have started thinking about it, there is plenty of exciting stuff going on in my life right now. And I may even be back to tell some more of it very soon. Maybe even tomorrow.


Leah said...

Glad you are back on the wagon! So pleased you finally got your chooks. They look like lovely girls& very nicely named. Was great to meet you with Gabby sorry my eye was so scarey looking. I'm excited about the new Jasmine Green incarnation as well.

Levin (and Emily) said...


i know how you feel about blogging - i have moments when it seems like just another thing on the 'to do' list rather than something that brings pleasure. whenever i start up again, and my friends comment, i feel good about it - but never enough to blog regularly. at the moment there's not much to blog about - unless people want to have daily updates on my 'i'm not ready for christmas' meltdowns.....
we are wanting to get chooks as well. we are in the process of 'finding' supplies to make a home for them (david doesn't like paying for supplies when there is a wealth of hard rubbish out there just dying to be made into something useful).
it's lovely to have you back - but i'm okay with you being a 'sometimes' blogger :)
have a merry festive season

jodi said...

we need need need to catch up. x