Tuesday, January 20, 2009

making and baking...again

hmm, this could become a weekly segment.
made a sweet little birdie-loveheart-hangy-thingy for our newly spruced bedroomand nigella's chocolate croissants. We're still living in a relatively tv-free state here(although some cartoons have snuck in during the holidays), but I must admit to a weekly indulgence of nigella express. That's half an hour where I grab a glass of wine (or more likely a beer in this heat), and request some quiet time, although I rarely get it, as I generally end up with at least two boys on the lounge next to me asking "what's she making, mum?", "where is london mum?", and, "oh mum, look at her fridge", "she has a blender like us mum". Ah, it's all good, and hopefully they'll actually pick up something along the way. The chocolate croissants were on last week's show, and in case anyone missed it, or is interested, they're dead easy to make and are really good. Little triangle of puff pastry rolled around a square of dark chocolate. I didn't think they were quite naughty enough, so I added a sprinkling of icing sugar when they were baked. I'm sure nigella would approve.


jodi said...

i love watching nigella too. Her kitchen - sigh! Saw her making these and thought i'd give them a go. Can you msg me your mobile number and I'll give you a call. We're due for tea together I think!

Levin (and Emily) said...

i didn't realise she was back on!!!
we watch way too much tv here and the boys play on the computer a bit too much. i find it hard to restrict when it's really warm outside - but perhaps i'm taking the easy way out.
i'm going to try those croissants - they look scrumptions and of course, they are fat free and sugar free???

ada sunday said...

We all watch Nigella here. We used to watch th Cook and the Chef. Its the one thing we all sit down and watch as a family and the boys are very funny about Nigella- and how she always goes to bed with another helping.