Tuesday, November 27, 2007

muffin success

it seems that my luck is running at the moment, yesterday I made muffins and they rose! I have never made muffins which have risen...they usually turn out to be flat little chewy pieces of cardboard, and so I gave up making them. But, yesterday I decided to have another go, and success was had, at last. They are choc chip (maybe it was the fact that I used the last of my green and black's that made them so good), and the recipe is from "kid's baking".


Levin (and Emily) said...

they look fantastic. remind me to give you my recipe for lemon muffins - they seem to always work and they taste good too! love lemons :)
i'm a bit lazy now, so i just use the same recipe for everything - take out the lemon rind and put in dried apricots and white choc chips (mmm they are yummy) or add cocao and choc chips - the list is endless - oooh what about raspberries and white choc - might just have to try that today

emma said...

willow and I were actually discussing a white chocolate and raspberry combo after we made these ones yesterday...sounds good to me!