Friday, November 23, 2007

10 things I dislike about pregnancy

1. cramping calf muscles...I don't remember ever having this happen in my previous pregnancies, but I swear it's one of the most scarily-painful things I've ever felt, and it makes me wish I'd kept doing yoga rather than being too lazy. I'll just hobble around all day now until the feeling comes back in my legs.
2. stomach muscle stitches from side-sleeping
3. going to the toilet no less than six times a night
4. being able to only have one (small) glass of wine instead of three (or four)
5. cramping calf muscles...oh, I already said that one. Still can't feel my legs.
6. having people ask me how long I have to go, and when I tell them, seeing the look of shock that it's not in two days time. One lovely lady declared that I must be "ready to pop" the other day, such a nice way to describe it.
7. dropping almost anything I try to pick up...lucky I don't have another baby in the house.
8. not being able to reach the floor to pick up dropped item...that's where my little helpers come in handy
9. having to sit down and have a little rest after only a brief exertion of energy, like doing the dishes
10. carrying around an extra 14kg (yes, that's right, I have a heavy placenta, it has an extra lobe) with me everywhere I makes my feet hurt

sorry for the negativity today, I've had a particularly uncomfortable night. I'll be back with some more positive stuff later.

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Levin (and Emily) said...

oh - i remember those feelings as if it were yesterday. i remember being very pregnant and i was in the fruit and veg shop trying to manouvre my way around with my huge belly. i turned around to say something to david and my belly hit a carton of eggs which fell to the ground. i was so tired of being big, so tired of being pregnant (i was 41 weeks at this stage) and so i lost the plot a bit. i went up to the guy, sobbing, and told him i'd broken his eggs. he said "it's alright luv, theres millions more where they came from, you really don't need to cry" which made me cry more!
hang in there - it wont be forever and when it's gone you will miss having that babe within you.