Saturday, June 8, 2013

still on the rollercoaster

after tossing it around and around and around for the past few months, we could no longer take the uncertainty, and have gone back to the farm. The allure of the quiet life, the little school and the wide open spaces was just too much for me. I'm not good in the suburbs.
It's been a rocky start, as it was last time, but I know this place will always test us. Cars tend to break down (and literally fall to bits) when you continually drive them over dirt roads. There are still no taps in the kitchen, but at least it's not too far to the tank now that we have the old French doors leading straight there. The gas hot water unit stopped working so it was outside baths for week, but that's fixed now too. It was lovely having a bath outside under the stars though. Every cloud has a silver lining, I must keep reminding myself. I have many moments of distress, of "what the hell am I doing?"and then I look out the window and realise how lucky I am.
I'm feeling inspired, the veggie garden is undergoing a makeover, and things will be growing there soon. The chooks and alpacas and even the odd wallaby are providing daisy with constant entertainment. Our days are slow but full, and beauty is everywhere.

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