Saturday, February 11, 2012

getting ready

the sun shone for just long enough the other day for me to do the first load of washing for baby. We've been lucky enough to have been given a whole heap of little tiny things, as well as a pram and car capsule (love the car capsule for moving sleeping babies) and 2 cots! Most of our friends are well and truly finished having babies now, so they were happy to offload this stuff.
of course, it's been raining ever since this one day of sunshine, so everything else in our life is wet, dirty and possibly even mouldy, but at least these little things are tucked away safely in a dry place waiting for a little someone to arrive and make them dirty again.
only 5 weeks to go...I'm excited.


Anonymous said...

such an exciting time emma! i bet the kids can't wait too! love seeing baby clothes all washed and hanging on the line, cluck, cluck.


jodi said...

ooohhhhh, so sweet. I've got all those wraps for you, let me know when we can catch up (probably the last time before baby arrives!) x

sean the prawn said...

I'm so happy for you as you wait for your little cherished one. I remember washing & wondering before the birth of my two, thinking what will this little person be like.

victoria said...

Awww it looks so cute, very satisfying. Wishing you a great time with it all!

Levin said...

how exciting
i love itty bitty baby clothes.
can't wait to meet your new one.

Andrea said...

It must be the time for it - I am doing the very same....washed baby wraps and cots sheets on the weekend, and sorted clothes into age groups ready for bub. It all looks so fresh and beautiful on the line...cluck cluck cluck too.