Tuesday, January 10, 2012

how to build a teepee in two days

1. don't start until you are sure that the timing is well and truly inappropriate for a project of this magnitude. I could have had this made four months ago, when the idea first came to me, but true to form I chose to leave it till the week before jasper's birthday, that being the week between christmas and new year, when the kids are on holidays and long lost friends seem to come out of the wood work. Not to mention the difference those four months make in terms of pregnancy.

2. after you have established that you don't remember much of the maths you learned at school, consult your husband for technical advice. They come in handy for some things crafty, it seems.

3. don't bother with a practice run. Cutting large pieces from precious vintage sheets and hoping that they will fit together in some semblance of the object you have in mind just adds to the thrill.
4. make sure you drop your tin of pins at least four times. Crawling around on all fours picking up pins is one of my favourite pasttimes, especially when seven months pregnant. Right up there with retrieving pieces of lego from the far corners under kids' beds.

5. swearing is optional, but at this stage, I would say go for it. I did.
6. after the piece has finally come together, and you're feeling quite proud of yourself for how well it actually turned out, hand it over to the four year old and watch while he tries to fold himself up in it, climb in and out through the window and generally do his best to make it look "lived in" (including adding small items of furniture). Let's just say it's been well and truly road-tested, and is still standing. Phew.

7. even though the whole process may seem a little like child birth...a lot of pain but with a truly magnificent result...don't even think about doing it again. No matter how many people say "will you be putting these in your shop...?"


Sarah Humphreys said...

Oh wow! I've always wanted to make Jude a teepee, it's been one of my dreams. Even though i don't sew... or make things. Ummm...


This is amazing!


Scented Sweetpeas said...

Stunning, i have a pattern for one of them, one day, one day I will make it :-)

My Messy Room said...

Em, this looks so so gorgeous!! such a funny post, when do we start any task or activity at the right time? had a giggle and lived thru each stage with you xx

Katie:: Grow.Cook.Sew. said...

This is soo good.. I love it! Must put it on my list of things to do (near the top!)