Tuesday, December 6, 2011


according to the calendar, we are 6 days into summer, although you wouldn't really know it with all the cold, rainy weather we've been having. Not complaining, of course, it does make a summer pregnancy a lot more bearable, but seriously, jumpers and trackies in december? I seem to remember trying to avoid getting my feet stuck in melting tar at this time of year when I was kid.
Never fear, the summer pants are here to remind us that the sun will eventually grace us with it's presence and the kids can look totally groovy in the sandpit and at the beach. Then again, they're equally good for just lazing on the lounge when it's raining too.
Sizes 0 to 3 in the shop now!


Sarah Humphreys said...

Thank you for Jude's beautiful pants! They arrived today. Being two, his favourite word is no... I asked him if he liked his new pants and he said...


Luna said...

we still have our winter doona out and it's february! oh well, at the least dams are getting their fill. i love those pants.