Wednesday, April 27, 2011

down on the farm

no need to explain where we've been, I think it's fairly obvious. It's getting harder and harder to come back to suburbia. We'd rather be here.

bathing under the stars,

catching sweet morning rays,

making mud puddles,
working together,
climbing trees,

and blowing bubbles.

Life's good.


Anonymous said...

it look just superb! don't blame you for wanting to stay there, maybe one day you just won't return to your suburban life!


jodi said...

I have been thinking of you and presuming that you were in the hills on your farm. Now that it's cooler I bet it is absolute bliss up there. I'm jealous. So....when do you move?

sean the prawn said...

I love a dewy spider web or two.
Looks so tranquil, bet you want to live in a little humpy with sewing room attached & never come back.

Levin said...

wow - i don't blame you for wanting to stay - it looks perfectly idyllic.
will you be moving in permanently one day?

Jade said...

Looks amazing! That's my dream. Lovely blog x