Friday, May 14, 2010

birthdays are nice...

especially when they fall on mother's day. Ok, so it was nearly a week ago, but I feel that it's worth a mention, remembering of course that it's not only my birthday we're talking about here. Sharing your birthday with your husband is kind of cute, kind of quirky, kind of romantic and sweet, but the thing is, you need to remember that for the rest of your life you will share your birthday with someone else. Someone else who just happens to live with you, so there's no ignoring it. It will never be all about you. That's something you really want to be sure you're ok with when you get married. Lucky for me, I have a husband who believes in magic, and he does go out of his way to make me feel special, more than I deserve at times, I must admit. He spoiled me with new music and the funnest book I've seen in years. The chocolates weren't actually from him, but I found it quite pertinent to tell the world that I have a box of 48 ferrero rochers in my posession. I'm doing my best to share them. on a completely unrelated topic, a couple of items made their way into the shop today. A couple of things I found in the shed when I cleaned up recently.
Mental note: when you go to all the trouble of making an item, list it in your shop. It will be much easier for someone to buy it that way. Do not place it in a corner of your shed and pile fabric on top of it, for it is quite possible that you will forget that you ever made it, and thus it may never again see the light of day.


sean the prawn said...

Emma glad to hear you had a happy mother's day / birthday/ hubby birthday!! My boy turned 7 the very next day.
Those pants are definite winner, my daughter loves her pair.. I might have to put in an order for a larger size for next winter.

Levin said...

happy birthday to you all!
lovely pressies. i can't eat chocolate at the moment and i miss it terribly.
i love getting new music - enjoy yours and all your fabulous treasures.
ps love the pants!

Emily said...

That is really sweet sharing your Birthday with your husband, gald you both had a good day.

I always buy my husband a box of Ferrero rochers for his birthday x