Thursday, March 18, 2010

super boy

this boy turned seven last week. This boy who never ceases to entertain us with his random comments and funny antics. This boy who still loves to wear the clothes his mamma makes for him and who loves nothing better than to snuggle.
This boy "needed" nothing for his birthday, because he already has everything he needs right there in his sweet little head. I bought him a watch, because you know, he's a big boy now. He chooses to leave that watch on my bedside table so that I can use it. He was slightly more impressed with the keyboard grips I also bought him for his scooter (the only way to travel). Last night he declared that life is much better with keyboard grips.
At about 9pm on the eve of his birthday, it finally occurred to me that what he could really use was a new cape, so I made him one. He likes it. It seems to fly better than his old one. I had to pass judgement that the other morning as he flew past me on the little step into our back room. "Did it fly right up that time, mum?". "Um, yes".
Ah willow, don't change, stay just the way you are. Life is much better with you around.


ada sunday said...

Seven year olds are the best. Great Cape!

sean the prawn said...

I remember being seven & telling my Grandma I loved being seven & that I wanted to remain that age forever. Willow sounds like a beautiful boy...with a great cape making mum.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

How lovely - it must be so fun being 7 :-)

Levin said...

and how wonderful is it to have kids that are perfectly content with very little. it's a very wonderful thing

futuresuperstar81540 said...

That iws so sweet. That little bot must be a doll at home!

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