Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i'm back! with stuff!

I didn't mean to stay away that long, really I didn't. A whole month...jeez, that's a long time between posts. There's been a lot happening and not much, really. We've had sad times, this month. We lost a dear member of our family, who will be sadly missed. And the thing about that was that it forced me to leave my little family for two whole days and a night, and get on an airplane and fly away. By myself. That was scary weird, as it's the first time I've flown by myself since there have been kids in the picture, and that (I now know) adds a whole new dimension to the whole "is this plane going to make it?" question that goes round and round in ones' head when they have to fly somewhere. That question is now "is this plane going to make it, and will I ever get to see my family again?". You have no idea the amount of anguish I felt over a stupid little one hour flight that was over before I knew it. The train trip to the airport was longer than the flight, and, as my very tactful husband pointed out, probably a lot more risky. As if I didn't have enough to worry about. Ah, but all was well, and I lived to tell the tale. And you know the really stupid thing? The plane's taking off, and I'm sitting there in my little seat, right next to the exit (someone was watching over me, I tell you), chewing on my rescue remedy chewy thing and trying to look as cool, calm and collected as possible under the circumstances, and then I realise that a plane taking off is one of the funniest things I've ever experienced. I had to actually stop myself from giggling, the plane's going so crazy-fast down the runway, and I'm thinking, how the heck can something actually go that fast, like when you have the windscreen wipers on the fastest speed and they look like they're all out of control and they're gonna fly off the car at any minute. I have to physically suppress a giggle, in order to save face in front of mr. very important american businessman sitting next to me waiting patiently till he can use his blackberry again. And all this made me realise what a silly girl I'd been, scared of a little old plane trip. These people do this stuff every day. Heck, those air hosties and pilots go back and forth all day, and probably don't even think about it. Surely I can manage it once every five years or so. The rest of the time I'll just get around as nature intended, in a car (to quote one of my favourite films).

umm, where was I going with this one?? New things are making they're way into the shop right now!


gardenmama said...

your post made me smile, i am happy to see you in this space once again. love love what you made!
i am also sorry to hear of your loss, many blessings to you!

Levin (and Emily) said...

hey emma

i had to laugh at your plane story cause i would have been exactly the same as you - i was freaked the last time i flew and my whole family were with me.
things are going well and i'm loving my studies - i can highly recommend it. but, it's made me very busy so i've little time for sewing, crafting and blogging. i miss all my bloggy friends!!!

Rach said...

Welcome back. Sorry to hear that you lost a family member.