Saturday, June 27, 2009

around and about

enjoying some brief winter sunshine, we've been... pottering about in the garden;laying some new paving;exploring new pathways;cutting oh-so-many flags for bunting. I've lost count; stuffing and stitching a small herd of effelants. Many thanks to mr. check-out-my-fancy-lens for this one. I gave him hell while he was snapping away at me in my pj's and then had to swallow my (swear) words when I saw the results. Ungrateful so-and-so, I am.


gardenmama said...

lol lovely photos pajamas and all!! ; )
My husband has been playing around with my fancy new camera, for some reason I am afraid to make that transition... foolish, I know. What type of camera and lens are you using ? Gotta love bunting flags! I made a few a recently too, I love using up some of my purty scraps!!
Be well : )

Levin (and Emily) said...

i love, love, love your pj's.
gorgeous photos. so much cuteness in all those photos.
enjoy those snippets of winter sunshine :)

Rach said...

That really is a lovely photo of you in your PJs - great light and beautiful hands.

Thank goodness we have had some rain free days. At least we have now worked out that the Blue House leaks and the garden is in dire need of some drainage!

leah b said...

your garden/yard looks like paradise. I'm loving your PJ pants fabric as well. Yep,I would be still keen to catch up soon. I haven't made bunting as of yet, but may trysome some for my little chicky babe's bedroom.
Bit nippy tonight! Leah B.

Leanne said...

Such happy bunting... and sun, sewing and pottering in the garden sound like perfect *goings on*.
What a lovely blog you have glad I stopped by...