Thursday, May 14, 2009

here again

we're back, had a lovely weekend away, and feeling happy for having done it. It's always nice getting away for a couple of days, seeing new things and breaking the monotony. Not exactly what I'd call relaxing, never is with three boys in tow. Saturday was mine and arrans' special and weird double birthday, and we spent a good portion of the day driving, which was fun, apart from the constant bickering from the backseat. Oh, and jasper has learnt this great new "arrh" sound, which he lets out whenever someone has something he wants or he has had enough of being in the car (which he generally decides five minutes into the journey), that kind of makes my brain hurt. So that made for a pleasant trip. But, once we got there and the big boys realised that they were free to roam bush and sandunes to their heart's content, they pretty well left us alone, so we found ourselves on the porch of said accommodation with a cold beer and some honeyeaters for company. The little one did hang around to annoy us, but he became rather preoccupied with the birds, so that was ok.
for my birthday, I received lots of loveliness, as usual. These are my two favourites, vintage green pouf from my mum, and from the mister, calina, courtesy of ella. These people, they know me well.

and, on a completely unrelated note, two new skirts in the shop today, fancy that! More coming soon. Enjoy!


helen macnair said...

Welcome home beautiful ones! See you soon. xxx Happy to hear you had a good time. Even just a long weekend....and we missed you!

ada sunday said...

Did you go to Newcastle? I know I'm probably wrong but I was positive I saw you walking up Beaumont street. It might have been a double.

ada sunday said...

Oh it was you! I was in the car driving past on my way to school. What a shame..Hope you enjoyed your trip.

gardenmama said...

Excellent gifts!
It is amazing how well kids play when they are able to run and explore an open field or beach!!
Happy Birthday!